Apple Varieties Grown

There are a number of different apple varieties grown in Australia, with slightly different growing seasons. The following illustrates the picking and availability of the different types of apples grown on the Loxton Orchard and Nangwarry Orchard.

Loxton Orchard

Nangwarry Orchard


Gala is a preferred early season variety, with a pleasant sweet fruit, good shelf life, and potentially rich red colouration, a desired quality in some export markets. Originally bred in New Zealand in the 1930s, Gala is a medium sized fruit that is suitable for a wide range of uses such as pies, sauces and salads.

Granny Smith

Granny Smiths were originally developed in Australia and is known for its high yields. Granny Smiths are picked later in the season, but due to its
excellent shelf life, are available all year round. Granny Smiths are a hard apple with a crisp tart flavour and is favoured for salads as they do not brown as quickly as other varieties.

Pink Lady

The Pink LadyTM variety, which is also known as Cripps Pink, is the predominant mid season variety grown in Australia, with a good shelf life, a
reasonably sweet fruit, and a bright pastel red colour. This large fruit was originally bred in 1973 by John Cripps, from the Western Australia Department of Agriculture.


Fuji apples are a well known, early to mid season variety that is enjoyed in Asia for its sweet juicy fruit. Originally bred in Japan, it is the predominant variety grown in China and Japan. It is a medium sized apple and is used in pies, salads and sauces.

The Sundowner

The SundownerTM variety, which is also known as Cripps Red, is a late season coloured apple with the best storage capability of all the mainstream
varieties, which is necessary to maintain market continuity over the latter half of the year. This variety was also bred by John Cripps of Western Australia.