About Us

Rivercorp Land & Water is regionally diversified apple growing company. Rivercorp uses its advanced knowledge of plant and soil nutrition to gain a competitive advantage within the apple growing industry.

Riverland Orchard

Rivercorp’s orchards in the Riverland region of South Australia are warmer than other growing regions in Australia. The climate in the Riverland allows Rivercorp to produce apples earlier than other regions, and so take advantage of the price premium historically available for “first to market” apples.

The warmer climate does require greater management diligence, however Rivecorp believe that our expertise allows us to mitigate these risks and take advantage of the premiums on offer. Our results with excellent colour and high class A pack-outs on Royal Gala apples are an example of this. 


Southern Orchard

In the same fashion that Rivercorp's expertise allows the company to mitigate risk and take advantage of higher prices for early season apples, so our expertise allows us to grow excellent quality  apples in the regular season. As the site has access to underground water this eliminates the risks involed in reliance on the Murray-Darling system.

Apples grown in the cooler climate will exhibit consistant high colour,  excellent quality and maximum yeild potential. Therefore rather than experiencing the price premium of the early harvested apples of the riverland Orchard, the Southern  Orchard will capitalise on consistant high quality crops.